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If you are looking to use it for Astrophotograhy you may want to reconsider the Sony and look at Nikon. Apparently Sony has some algorithm that dulls stars with longer exposures ( .

I think the Canon 6D is well regarded in the Astro world so I am surprised you didn;t go that route. I think the mirrorless world hype with regards to the A7RII (and much more expensive A9) comes down to stuff like DR, but also the resolution, and AF that can lock onto the eye. I wouldn't think most of those attributes would be desirable really for Astro work but I don't do any of that so may be off.

I dig my A7R but the AF is horrible and the higher ISO is not great. I am really thinking to pull the trigger on the A7RII. Mostly for the better AF (getting sick of carrying 2-3 different bodies!) but also the higher ISO performance. It's not going to replace my 7DII I use for wildlife. No chance it can do that, but it might replace my 6D for all but studio setup stuff where I use flash. The flash won't be compatible. However, if I am out and about shooting Landscape stuff and want to grab a shot of my daughter it would be nice to get some in focus .

I might add for lenses the Rokinon stuff blew my mind. I read a lot about on the Asto sites. It took me 3 copies but I finally got a great one. I sold my Canon 24 F1.4 a moment after comparing the results of the two. At about 1/3 the price the sharpness was night and day better on the Rokinon. I lost some speed, but who cares if I can use a lower ISO or shorter speed if the end result is an image with poor resolution and rendering of what I am shooting.

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