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Thanks for the reply Cliff. It is the AlgaeFix Marine that I'm using. I think its probably a combination of factors that seems to have killed off my chaeto, like you have said previously, its really only a guessing game trying to figure out cause and effect in our reef tanks. While using the Algaefix, I have also been doing more water changes than usual, have been skimming heavier and have been using more GFO and changing it more often. These have (hopefully) made my phosphates very low which could be a factor also. I have done the water change/gfo/skimming increase before without the Algaefix and it never had any negative effect on my chaeto, thats why it would seem to me the Algaefix would be a contributing factor in the dying of my chaeto. It basically is just crumbling away. I am by no means an expert on much of anything, so please take my opinion with a grain of salt, I didn't mean in my previous post to definitively say the AlgaeFix was completely to blame for my Chaeto dying! If I was that good a reefer, I wouldn't be having this problem with algae in the first place!! All in all though, even if it did take out my chaeto, I would consider it a very favorable trade in that it has taken care of most of my algae problem, I can always buy more chaeto!!


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