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Just an update.

Did my first water change at 10% (10 gallons). Cleaned up tons of dead dinos and cyano. Most of the dead dinos that were attached to frags easily came off (unlikely when alive). I am not 100% in the clear, but before I started I had bubbles everywhere and now I can't see a single one.

Skimmer has been off just over a week. Still dosing phyto as I have started culturing my own. Added lot of copepods.

Nitrates are a bit high at around 10-15ppm. Phospates are around 0.006 (hanna ULR at 2 x 3.066 / 1000) which seems way too low. I could have an imbalance which I will worry about once I get back to my normal routine.

Most likely have a ton of detritus built up in the sump and some parts of the tank which could be causing the raise in Nitrates or I am phosphate limited.

Tons of bubble algae still but I'll worry about that later.

One interesting observation is I lost most of my snails accept for one huge trochus and I have en explosion of stomatellas. I can see hundred + little ones all over my tank which were there while I had dinos.

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