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Originally Posted by Montireef View Post
Those big trochus might be tectus, which are nocturnal snails. Stomatellas are also nocturnal.
This explains they don't perish, as dinoflagellates detach from rocks and substrate in the night and therefore the nocturnal critters only eat mucilage which is not toxic.
What I had looks like brown very short turf algae. Lots of it had bubbles at the end primarily in clusters. Especailly on frags and on the rocks. (I am bare bottom). The bottom of my tank was mostly cyano with some dinos.

The front was mostly the brown film, but not much bubbles. I am guess that was due to current. Mind you my return was the only source of current I had going for a while and my return hits the front glass really well.

Anyhow, the stomatellas and what I thought was a trochus were all over the brown film where there were no bubbles.

Edit: looked at pics of tectus snail, that's what I have. Was sold as a banded trochus or something like that. Been my best snail. Turbos are all dead, nassarius, astreas too. (No nerites or ceriths)

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