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Originally Posted by Mrs. Music View Post
Thank you for the kind reply. I didn't have a protocol. We removed all the LR from my 180 and squirted or brushed hair peroxide, #40 developer, on the bryopsis and v snails with a quick brush of a new wire brush over the algae or v snails. Then rinsed each rock in salt water and placed it back in the tank. This was my valentines day gift from my I bet he wished he had just gotten me a fish! Although the bryosis came back many years later I have very few v snails. They were awful prior to the treatment. Good luck. I hope see this come to fruition.
Thanks for explaining your method. I will take that into consideration. Although it doesn't meet my criteria fully, it may be that I don't find a chemical solution that doesn't involve removing rocks. unfortunately, without this method, we will never fully eliminate them from a tank (which is the main goal of this thread) without nuking the whole tank and starting over.

Moving on, my clam did not make the journey, so after my fish are done with the quarantine tanks, I will resume testing.

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