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Originally Posted by souk View Post
Expecting too much or is this normal? Trying to figure out why my ph is going up even though it's not even hitting 6.5 ph. I thought it was the ph prob so I replaced it 2 days ago. Only thing I can think of is my cheap needle on my reg that's causing it to fluctuate. This morning's report. Running geo 818, m/f 7551-00 with head 77201-60 size 17 tube.

Apex setting off < 6.4 - 6.9 > on

Any help would be appreciated.

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Personally as long as it seems stable in the long term I wouldn't worry about it, but it certainly is *possible* for the pH to be more stable. Considering your masterflex is probably doing its job I'd have to assume the only aspect which isn't perfectly consistent is the co2 regulator, which is probably the culprit.

But if your alkalinity is staying stable I'm not sure it really matters how perfect your regulator is at dosing co2, as long as it is good enough, and your weekly
pH graph looks pretty darn stable to me.

But for comparison this is my masterflex + carbondoser electronic regulator:

The jump in the middle is when I adjusted the setting, but otherwise if I leave everything alone the pH in the reactor is normally rock solid, only going up and down a minor bit with the natural rise/fall of the tank's pH throughout the day.

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