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Originally Posted by ReefPharmer View Post
Not sure how everyone else is dealing with it but i am having trouble with collecting co2 at the top of the Geo 618, running approx 1 bubble per 1.5-2 seconds. The tubing is 17 on a masterflex running at 50 (the number on the screen display). Every 2 days or so i have to prime out the bubble at the top of the reactor as it collects and interferes with the re circulation pump. Its not large enough to stop the pump from working completely but it is large enough to keep it from working properly. My reactor ph is 6.8.
I think your pushing too much Co2 into the reactor which is causing gas build up in it. That or you have air coming in someplace between the pump and sump. I run at 63ml/min and a Co2 rate of 1 bubble every 3 seconds at 3 PSI. This maintains a pH of about 6.5- 6.6 in a Geo 818 which is much larger than your 618. You are pushing nearly twice as much Co2 with less flow going through a smaller reactor so I think it’s a case of more Co2 going into the reactor than there needs to be and it’s not able to exit quick enough which is resulting in excess Co2 in the reactor.

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