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Got Vibrant in the mail last Friday.

Two weeks earlier I decided to finish what I had left of Algea-X / Dino-X.
Now that I only have three stamp sized patches of visible dinos left in the sump it should be a good indication if it works or not on a minuscule dino problem. In two weeks it has killed all my mini starfishes, the ones that lurk in their holes and put their tentacles out. It also killed my sponges. It left my ostreopsis dinoflagelles alone and the little algae I have left also.

Vibrant has had 48 hours in the tank. The skimmate is much lighter brown in color and there seems to be more of it. I think I'm seeing a bacteria bloom in the water column and the floating particle count there may have reduced a bit. I did not expect fast results so lets see what happens in a couple of weeks.


If you missed it I'd like to urge you to go back a page and read my posts from there.
I've successfully beaten dinoflagellates with a method that makes a lot of sense.

This thread has a big reader audience so I hope someone will take the health related issues further.
The effects are subtle, but very real to me. Reefers, sailors and people living in coastal areas need to know the facts on this.

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