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New 48" Photon v2 - The Inevitable Programing Questions

Hey all,

I have searched and read many threads on Programing. While It has answered some of my questions, I am still very confused.

I had a Coralife Aqualight 150w MH x2 and 96w PC x2.

I ordered the ReefBreeders Photon v2 48" unit last week and received it yesterday (Saturday). I installed it on the tank today.

The tank mounting legs are funky, It's like they really aren't made for mounting on a standard tank with a rim, perhaps a rimless tank. I am likely going to end up cutting a slot in the rim shelf to allow the bracket to actually slide down over the tank rim.. Kind of disappointing, but it is what it is..

Anyway, I turned it on and it was in "Cloudy" setting which is all channels at 30%.

Know there is lot of threads out there and the FAQ on Reefbreeders for setting up a schedule... But I also know that typically generic settings are neither good nor maximize the ability of things.

I went into custom and the only option for "Step" seems to be 1H? I thought this light could do 30 minute steps, but I don't seem to be able to change this setting?

I wanted to do 30M steps to try and make the steps almost unnoticeable as the tank sits in my living room and any kind of jumps in the light will be very noticeable..

From there, I've read that the "RED" channel 1 is only good for growing algae and most shut it off?

I've read someone posted that Logan suggested shutting of "GREEN" channel 2 because it basically does nothing usefull?

As for everything else.. I was going to start by following Logan's suggested setup here:

However It goes from 9AM to 9PM, a 12 hour schedule.. and at 9AM and 2100 (9pm) he has all 6 channels a "0". Which is to assume that he is running with no moon lights. I like having the moon lights.. Obviously Moon lights have no actual use, other than personal preference. Which is fine, I like them, so I intent to use them.. However that begs the question, how should I ramp up/down the other channels to slowly fade in and out as to not jump when "Lights On" or "Lights Off"?

Should I only have Moon Lights Channel 5 on at night? Or should I have any of the other blue channels on? Is there a benefit there? Right now I only have soft corals, but will be adding in LPS corals. No interest in SPS at this time.

I know many people here have probably spent many hours working with lighting schedule's and found combinations that seem to work better than others.. I am hoping someone can point me at least down the right road as to cut out the lengthy trial and error process.

Thank you in advance!


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