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38g stocked for sale or trade

Hey guys,
I have a 38 gallon (36x12x20) with oak stand, glass top, regular flourescent lights. pre-filter overflow, sump, and skimmer. It has live rock and small aggresive fish. The fish in there at the moment are a huma trigger, saddle puffer, dogface puffer, lunare wrasse, and a volitan lion. I was going to post it for $400 but I need to move it fast. I'll take $300 or trade for a lager tank with stand etc. I don't need filtration. I plan to use an eheim pro II for a new tank...which I will also need asap for a fish that I have waiting at work. Oh and by the way, if you would like to make this into a reef, I know that Ashley (doodoobrown) has 36" pc's that would match this for $25. If you decide to go this route, I'll knock off a little of the price and keep the fish since they are not exactly reef safe lol. As far as a tank for trade, anything that is at least a 55....4 feet and over, I will be happy to consider. It doesn't have to be set up or have anything special.


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