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Originally Posted by PorkchopExpress View Post
the point of the 3 day isn't to eradicate them as i mentioned in a later post...the point is simply to knock them back quite a bit which will allow other algaes to take a foothold...he has corals, sps in his pictures, an 8 day will surely kill them...and you have no idea what dinos i nor he has so you have no idea what a 3 day would my tank 3 days is all it took to clear them every single time and, followed by UV and dirty method is all it took

besides, prolonged blackouts may or may not be any different from shorter ones as the dinos are likely to return considering they can form cysts for months and survive in complete darkness...blackouts aren't the answer, they're just used to weaken the dino population in perparation for the real attack
It's hard, but my and other's LPS and SPS came through. I have spoken to several people who have had dinos return en-mass after 3-4 day blackouts, and 8+ days worked for me, dino's were still present after 3 days.

So what is "the real attack"? Have I missed something?

The idea of the approach I successfully used was to create such a hostile environment to dinoflagellates using multiple factors that the dinos die off and are exported without adding to the problem.

If you simply knock them back a bit, you risk having a gap created in the ecosystem and significant numbers of dinoflagellates that can multiply to fill it. I'm not sure you intended to, but your post suggests that the dinos came back as you stated it's worked for you "every single time?" Same tank or different tanks?

You also rightly suggest that I do not know what species of dinoflagellate is in the tank, I would suggest this is true and by that same notion, you have no clue if a 3 day will work against the species being dealt with.

What I am trying to emphasise is that this is a heavy undertaking and one that you don't want to go through twice.

It's the reef owner's problem, so the risk is up to them and should be weighed up on an individual basis.

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