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Originally Posted by PorkchopExpress View Post
amphipods are benthic aren't they? i don't particularly know what copepods are benthic other than the tigger pods but every single time i've tried to add them to my water they always all end up in my filter sock because they are free swimming...i cannot keep tigger pods alive in my tank past a few hours
Yes, amphipods tend to be benthic. And huge. That just means they hang out on the sand, rocks in your tank. Tiggers (Tigriops spp) are free swimming pods, so they are classified as pelagic, ie in the water column. Fish loooooove pelagic pods so they don't survive long in a display tank. If you see pods on the glass, they could be either type. Just to confuse you.

@Karimwassef Don't make me come over there and say eh at you! PS. Tried putting some cheesecloth in my tank with an led light on it overnight. Pulled out epic numbers of pods and a thick coating of dinos. Yech!

@Billybatz I was using IO when I got dinos. When I couldn't keep alk up I switched to IO/Reef. Then switched to D&D H20 when my LFS got some in 2kg bags. Didn't seem to make a difference. Bro in law gave me his salt stash so I've now got several types. Red Sea is real seawater with the water evaporated out, it may have a lot of random stuff in it.

28g cube, CF 105watts! Tunze 9001. Tiny frags: Euphyllia, blasto, ricordea and a rock flower anemone. Lost fish and inverts due to ongoing outbreak of dinoflagellates.

Current Tank Info: 28g aio, 105 watt CF lights, no sump or skimmer. 2 sexy shrimp, tiny frogspawn, tiny toadstool, tiny lps. Started Feb '15
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