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Originally Posted by CassAttack View Post
haha! Oh boy, I did a dose once per day for 5 days. Based on the original messageboard post that you provided it looked like you did a 14 day course because it was split up by day 1, 2, etc. Since it was a bit pricey I thought I'd try with 5 days and buy more if it seemed to be working. Whoops!!! I did not realize it was a "one and done" sort of treatment. LOL, the good news is that there seems to be no harm done to my tank from this over-dosing (the instructions with the pack recommended a 5 day dose so again this is why I figured it was fine). I suppose I will have another 5 doses in storage now in case it grows back Thanks for the clarification!
Yikes! You should be okay though. A few people on the original thread did double and triple doses, and some followed the instructions that came with the tablets. At higher doses, a couple of people reported having cyano outbreaks afterwards, so you might keep an eye out for that.

Just to recap the gist of the original thread:

* The recommended dose is 20mg per gallon of actual tank water. ex: For a 100g system use TEN 200mg capsules = 2000mg.
* This is a single dose treatment method. Dissolve the contents of the capsules into a cup of RO/DI water, and pour this mixture into your sump or into a high flow area of your tank.
* The recommended treatment period is 15 days. Most people removed their activated carbon and GFO during this time, and the majority also suspended performing any water changes. Just add the mixture to your tank, and let it sit in there for 15 days.
* If your protein skimmer overreacts, then you can remove the collection cup for a few days and just let it overflow back into your sump. (I ran my skimmer for the duration of the treatment period, and I saw no ill effects.)
* If I remember correctly, ATS screens were unaffected, and people with Macro-Algae reported no harm done to their "plants".
* After the 15 day treatment period, perform a 20% water change. Replenish your activated carbon and GFO (if normally used), and carry on life as usual.

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