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Originally Posted by karimwassef View Post
What's missing? Bacteria, biofauna, good dinos, pods, benthic plankton, algae, macroalgae...

Maybe combination of these. In the end, the dino explosion is the result of an immature and uncultured system that is being fed with light or nutrients.

So, it's not about making the environment hostile for dinos. They are likely the most resilient pests in the ocean. It's about making it more favorable for other life and making sure that life has properly seeded the system.

I really think I had a major problem with feeding and that's what brought Dino's. Like half a cube of mysis every 3-4 days. (75 gal)

I feed a whole cube everyday now plus seaweed. Added a fuge with cheato. Added pods and phyto. Now I only see them when I do a water change that will last in a slight dusting for about a week. So they aren't gone yet, got my nitrates up to 40

So how do I keep my tank from getting too dirty because apparently I can never do a water change again? Ive looked into carbon dosing but have mixed feelings about it.

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