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Right now I've got whatever pump Marineland put in this thing, they say the flow is ~150gph. The Eclipse filter pad, a polyfiber sponge-ish thing with activated carbon underneath it. Come to think of it, it's the same pad my friend used when she had the system, so it likely needs to be replaced. As I said, I removed their Bio-Wheel, as I feel my sand/rock should be sufficient biological filtration. I'm also using the Stealth heater that is packaged with the system.

I don't know if lighting is relevant, but I've got a 13w 50/50 (10,000k/Actinic 03) compact fluorescent in there right now.

I've been feeding them Formula 1 flake, broken into smaller pieces, and I also break a Kent reef herbivore pellet into smaller chunks and add it at the same time. I've seen them grab pieces of flake and pellet alike.

I got the pellet from her when I bought the tank, so it could be a month or two old (should probably discontinue feeding this, in retrospect), but the Formula 1 was purchased the same day as the clowns. I plan on adding frozen foods to their diet soon, but have been doing some testing to make sure that my freezer here at school can reliably keep things frozen.

They both seem to have gone back to normal at this point, moving at a normal rate and keeping near the place I've seen them sleeping. For now I'm hopeful that I'm just overreacting. Also, when the light came on a friend of mine was standing near the tank wearing a red shirt, and I remember reading somewhere that brightly colored clothing can scare fish. Could have added to his panic, I guess, but the female seemed fairly calm through all of it...just kind of following him around with a bit of a "What are you doing?" kind of attitude. (personification, anyone? )

Sorry for replying with such a novel, but I feel like a worried mother. Kinda gives me a new perspective on why my mom always fussed over us


Oceanic 58RR display/20H sump/fuge thread...follow the red house.

Current Tank Info: Oceanic 58g, 20H sump, AquaC EV-150, 175w Hamilton 14k + 2x39w T5HO Actinics
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