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The two clowns, two Turbo's snails, three blue legged hermits, a peppermint shrimp, ~13 pounds of live rock. I'm ashamed to say that I added the peppermint shrimp, both clowns, and some of the rock all in one day, which could turn out to be a fatal was probably just too much new stuff at once, but my tank isn't going through another cycle, so I'm not sure what could possibly have gone so wrong, aside from the fish being infected before but not showing symptoms.

The light's haven't come on yet, but both clowns are still alive. In my panicking last night I added a bit of Amquel+ to the tank (less than the recommended dosage) because I figured the high nitrates were certainly not helping anything.

I am 100% willing to pull together a hospital tank if they are really not doing well...what do I need to buy to put one together? A 10g tank, a heater, an hob filter, and a cheap light of some kind?

I was thinking a FW dip and then treat with Formalin, but I don't know what it really is.

Edit: At this point, I'm willing to do everything within my power to save these clowns. I can pay off the credit card later.


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