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Originally Posted by Cdodge1 View Post
Sweet sps!
Thank you

Originally Posted by Fishy 1 View Post
Very nice tank Bulent, you should be very proud. definitely following this one
Thank you Rory. This is not as an exciting thread as most other threads on RC, especially the ones in the sps section. My coral selection and photography skills (and my selection of photography equipment) could have been better, but I take pride in the long term survivability of my corals, some of which have been with me since I started reef keeping over six years ago. Having said that I have been very very lucky so far by not getting any AEFWs on my corals. I fear of these pests so much that I can no longer buy acropora colonies or frags unless they are very tiny (e.g. less than an inch) so that I can inspect them with a magnifying glass before introducing them to my tank. However, my patience and resolve have been tested in the past by pyramidellid snails and montipora eating nudibranches. I have successfully got rid of them. That I am also proud of.

The latest story is my battle against cyanobacteria, which have infested my tank to a moderate degree since I set up this tank nearly three years ago. I have recently started to use some Zeovit products. It appears that I am about to reach a successful conclusion with this battle too (hopefully). This ongoing battle has taught me a lot about water chemistry, bacteria, DOCs and TOCs, and equipment selection. I have been publishing my interim results on a UK forum. Once I am satisfied that the battle is over I will publish an executive summary in this thread.

Thanks for reading.


PS. I bet you did not expect this long a reply, did you?

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