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Originally Posted by Billybatz9 View Post
Does anyone have any microscope vids of copepods actually eating dinoflagellates? And do the copepods survive the meal? Or do they die like most inverts?
No microscope yet, but I have dinos mostly on my glass, and it is *covered* with pods. I'd say 90% of the pods I see are on the dinos. They're definitely not dying off. Pods are listed as a major predator of dinos in a couple of papers; I can dig up the links if you like.

I have the clear-white Amphiscolops flatworms. They are on the dino patches, but I'm not totally sure whether they're eating dinos, or the pods. They have a strange foldy behaviour that looks predatory. Their population is steady at a 'couple'.

It would be seriously amusing if one of the plagues of the reef world turns out to eat dinos!


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