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Polyps retracted, then slow bleaching of the tips of the acros. I figured bleaching tips, high alk..checked alk with a second test kit, and it confirmed 8.3dkh which is on point as always.

Slowly colonies lost color, some also developed stn bottoms. Nitrates are a steady 1-5ppm, as always. Lighting remained the same as when they were thriving. I have no pests, and the tank has two wrasses that inspect them anyways for an easy meal if any.

Im so fed up with the loss that I dont care to send a sample to Triton, as I know it will come back with issues. My RO membranes read 0.0 ppm and I use the same salt, Tropic Marin Pro.
Fish are fat and healthy. I have no doubt the new supplements are the problem

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