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Originally Posted by Montireef View Post
I have never done it in that way. I just let the skimmate sit in the skimmer cup for 2/3 weeks and poured it into the tank (a whole gallon of black stinky stuff).
Did a nitrate and phosphate test and it had nothing. On the microscope I could spot three or four kinds of bacteria and many nematodes.

The water got noticeable blackish and dirty for several hours and ALL my corals (more than 800 acros, poccis, seriatoporas...and about 40 LPSs) opened in an amazing way with awesome polyp extension. I did not notice anything weird with my fish and snails went nuts eating sediments.

My theory is that if you let the skimmate sit for some days, there will be a competition and the strongest bacteria and critters will remain after all nutrients are eaten. These surviving bacteria and critters will be an awesome meal for corals and other inverts in the tank. When poured they will keep on competing and eating other critters in the tank, playing havoc amongst dinoflagellate colonies which are on the first trophic stage.

Cool, thanks for the info. I have a full skimmer cup from when I stopped skimming on Sunday. I could use that.

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