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Big thanks to FAOIS!

I'm sure many have seen my previous thread regarding my previous sump made by CriticalTanking. Last week John sent me a PM saying to give him a call, because he has a solution to my sump issues. So I call the store and I speak to, I think it was Chris. Anyways, I told him John wanted to speak to me, he then tells me to bring my old sump up there and they were going to have a replacement built for me, free of charge. So I take it up there, last Saturday(5/24). Then they were closed Sunday and Monday for memorial day, I then see on the FAOIS FB page, that the sump was complete, I believe it was completed the following Wednesday, now granted it is a very simple job, the turn around for something free was absolutely outstanding. I just wanted to share that with everyone and say that I deeply appreciate the help you all. I picked up the sump today and it is honestly a night and day difference. Will be plumbing it tomorrow. Once again, FAOIS has gone above and beyond. Oh and, huge thanks to their supplier Tsunami / Suncoast for making a killer product.

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