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Originally Posted by robgonsailing View Post
I think I've narrowed down the problem to the heater itself. I had the heater plugged into an Apex outlet set to "ON" and had the thermostat on the heater set much higher than the water temp. This should have created the condition for the heater to be always on. Instead, you could see many power spikes (difference of 3 amps on the amp graph) where the heater was only running about 50% of the time, inconsistently, and it couldn't maintain temp. When I changed to a different heater (same wattage, same conditions) the power spikes went away and the temp rose to the set point. I see this same observation was posted on the BRS product review.

Randy - Is there anything BRS can do or do I need to try to warranty through Finnex?
Hey there,

Very strange that we couldn't replicate these issues. I'm sorry you are experiencing the same as others have! We just revamped our return policy which includes the statement about manufacturer defects that I've posted below.

Basically, if it is defective within 30 days of your purchase date we've got your back! Outside of that, we do have to have you reach out to the manufacturer for warranty support.

Please shoot me a PM with your account and order information and I will get the ball rolling for you!


Manufacturer Defects & Warranties

" It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we’ll work with you to make it right.

If your product arrives non-functional due to manufacturer defects, it may be exchanged for the same product within 30 days at no cost to you!4
Purchased more than 30 days ago, but need warranty support? We’ll ensure your issue is handled fast and efficiently by acting as the first point of contact. We'll introduce you to the best contact at the manufacturer, and make sure the manufacturer knows of the issue you’re encountering!
If you prefer to contact the manufacturer directly, we’ve created a list of contacts that can be accessed by clicking the button below. "



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