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Originally Posted by Crooked Reef View Post
Awesome, thanks. Surprising coincidence, Iím in St. Louis as well. I was just concerned because I have two mini maxis that have bleached but my green and red btaís have not. I just got about a 10Ē rainbow or bicolor bta yesterday from gateway as they got a bunch in from a tear down and wanted to ensure I didnít have issues.
IME, anemones don't bleach because of too much light, but rather not enough light or another ailment that kills the zoox. Since they have the ability to move, most times nems will just move to an area that they prefer, be it with lower lighting or lower flow. BTAs are notorious for this. My mini maxi is in a shallow 60 gallon tank lit with two Radion XR30s set at about 65% and hasn't moved at all.

Tank info: 120 gallon 48x30x20 high DT. Clownfish breeding rack in full swing: C-Quest Onyx, Bali Aquarich P1 Picasso + Rod's Onyx, wild percula + Rod's Onyx.
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