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MaxCap RO/DI

I have this system and have a few questions please.

I used it a very little amount of time and bought it brand new. Porbably used it 10 times or so. I moved and took the unit down but I did not remove any of the water from the canisters and they are about 20% full, not really alot of water.
Its been 3 years since I operated it and it has been stored in my closet at room temp.
I would like to get it going again and would like some help in what I need to do.

Do I need new filter cartridges? They are pretty new
Should I empty the and test it?

Not really sure what to do. Please help. It is an awesome unit that is pretty much brand new.
If it would be easier to speak on the phone, please pm me and I will call you.

Thank you

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