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I had a sun coral and a photosynthetic blue sponge in the old, reef incarnation of this tank.

I am very interested to hear about your sponge-keeping experience. I am considering some Caribbean sponges for my tank. They'll have to wait awhile for the tank to mature, so I have time to decide. Plus I'll need to see where the shady spots turn up. It would be amazing to keep a purple vase sponge! Or any colorful sponge that didn't die would be great. It would be sweet to get some encrusting guys on the fake wall! Being a Caribbean Biotope, I should keep some sponges.

One theory I was thinking of testing, was to do carbon dosing, and instead of exporting the excess bacteria via a skimmer, I'd return it to the tank for the sponges and other filter feeders. If sponges tend to starve in our tanks, would this be a solution?

Anyway, I look forward to 'soaking up' your sponge info…

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