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I'm seriously considering going sump-less. I have a good volume of water in the partitioned left end of the tank. I don't plan to run a skimmer. The only reason I had planned to add a sump, was to return water to the refugium, but I realized I could just use my canister filter return instead. I like having all the water on the same level-less chance of mishaps. I've got a good closed loop setup with a Reeflow Dart. I plan no mechanical filtration at all. Since this tank is basically a large display refugium itself, I see no need.

There will be an additional refugium above the tank, so technically, the display is the sump. With no sump I won't need my coast to coast overflow, but rather than removing it, I could use it as additional refugium space. Some might ask,"why do you need a refugium if your display is already one?". The answer is "lack of predation". Hopefully, my refugium(s) can replenish plankton numbers as they are consumed in the display.

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