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Oh yes, the Candy Basslet!-beautiful! You're probably aware of the Swiss Guard Basslet and Candystripe Hogfish as less expensive alternatives. They aren't cheap though!

Continuous water change sounds awesome! I'll look into that. If I never do a 'manual' water change again, I'm pretty sure I won't miss it!

The carbon dosing thing is intriguing! In effect, overdriving bacteria to consume more phosphate and nitrate, enhancing water quality. They recommend directing outflow of biopellet reactors straight to your skimmer, so it can export the bacteria. I wonder if eliminating the skimmer would feed micro fauna and sponges, possibly even allowing me to keep flame or electric scallops! It would be amazing to have a tank with thriving sponges and scallops! It's almost unheard of!

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