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Water tank heights

Hi Kevin,
I'm in the process of moving a bunch of stuff around between some walk-in closets in my house since one of them is behind the wall where my DT is ... My chiller already resides in there but I'm going to turn it in to a mini fish room, mostly so I can set up your Genesis and Storm auto water systems.

Right now I have a 75g RO/DI tank that I use to manually fill an ATO tank in my cabinet and a 25g seawater tank that I use to do 15 gal PWCs every week. My plan is to use these 2 tanks for the automatic system as well. If I plan to use the Eihem 1000 pumps would it be a good idea to locate the tanks off the floor at some height or just have them sit on the floor? Or it is the height you locate your reservoirs that matters more?

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