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Originally Posted by ClownsRCoo View Post
Well this sucks. They offered me a $64 discount if I took the inverted one they made by mistake. A whole 3% discount. I've been waiting 4 weeks and they screwed it up and the only person I would be doing a favor by taking it would be them and that's what I get offered? That's pretty weak. Then I'm told it's going to be another 5-6 weeks before I can get the new one built. Again, I can't see how that thing takes more than a week to build from start to finish. 1 day on the cnc cutting all the panels. One day to glue together and let dry over night, next day to apply the red seams. Another for dry time. One for fittings install. Then you package it up and ship.
The time is the due to the other sumps on the production line at any given time. They typically have several on the line at a time and they have to do setup of the CNC programming too because each sump is typically different in terms of fittings and what not. Plus the CNC machines get setup for different sized sumps so they cut them in batches of similar size units.

The welding process is very time consuming. These aren't glued like typical acrylic. You glue one panel and let it set for 24 hours. Then glue another panel and let it sit again and repeat. Then they are welded and it's done one panel at a time.

Regarding the discount, my guess is that your sump would not sit for long there as they always have a substantial backlog of dreamboxes. I just sent you a PM.

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