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I haven't started the build thread yet. I sign the contract on the house in two weeks, have design meetings in February and break ground in March. At that point I wanted to start a build thread and get ideas. The tank room will not be big. Room for the tank, two feet behind the tank to big double doors. Raised floor with a drain and about 5 x 4 feet of open space to the left of the tank for work room. small sink, salt water mixing station, etc.
Polypropylene Sheets are from 0.250 x 48 x 72 - 88.92
I was kind of going to do the same thing, in reverse. RE has a refugium in stock in Florida. It just so happens the size matches my sump size but the outlet is plumbed on the right instead of the left. I thought I might move the top off tank to the right, put the refugium on the left and let a branch off of the overflow feed the refugium directly and then plumb the output into an extra input to the sump? Seems like a good place for it, but I guess my only question is if I was using this to cultivate pods, would any pods survive or even make it back to the main tank going thru the filter socks, then skimming, then possible UV exposure all the way to the return pump.

Well... like I said before, you can't be in a hurry. I think the line forms at the rear. lol If you get out of line you have to start over. But... If you are spending this kind of money, be sure you are happy and don't settle if you won't like it. They want you to be happy also.

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