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Just about to join the family! So i'm just about to finalize the order and I'm still a little confused as to what is going to be included in the dreambox. Here is what I have. I already have the return pump. Is there anything obvious that I'm missing? Thanks!

1 x dreambox-filter system size M(D-175-60) normal version

1 x red welds

1 x dreambox - milled cover suitable for skimmer Bubble King Superma 5

2 x dreambox - cable holder complete (D-K-1000) white assembly ex fa

1 x dreambox - LED lighting complete size M (D-175-x)

2 x dreambox special electrode-holder / probe holder/ GHL sensor-hol

1 x Bubble king Supermarin 300+RD3 Speedy (93/RD3/1)110V/60Hz

1 x dreambox - Silencer filter socks - inlay (D-F-1)

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