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algae scrubber/heavy metals

Randy: the tank with growth limited by nutrients and copper levels you report, I assume that this is also the tank that you are adding iron to?

When you began adding iron, do you know if the copper levels dropped? When you add additional iron now, is there a further reduction in copper levels, with or without associated macroalgae growth?

Also, I am wondering what element is limiting here-presumably phosphorus? I wonder what additions of phosphorus would do to copper, and growth of macroalgae and zooxanthellae/corals? A plant tank aquarist would probably add the limiting agent here.

In any event, I am interested in arranging a test of the algae scrubber, and of Adey's original work. Can you recommend a procedure for getting some samples tested- perhaps an initial testing of copper levels in a limited number of Eco-Wheel tanks? And the approximate cost per test, if you know? I'm interested enough to sponsor this if it provides useful information.


I have another

In any event,

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