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I have not worked with scrubbers myself yet, but this seems reasonable, so I presume nitrogen would not be limiting. \

If you use a refugium with one or two species of macroalgae, you may not have these succession effects.

I'm going to suggest to theEco-Wheel people that they submit some test data to the lab you suggested, without fertilizer initially to try and replicate Adey's data- possibly in collaboration with him- and to the Inland Aquatics people. They have a lot to gain by this if it works.

Perhaps we should be doing more than talking about this.

Depending on how initial results look, the various parties will want to play up or play down aspects that make their products look good or bad. It's a tricky issue.

it might be possible to form a committee through Reef Central to submit well-formed questions such as this to manufacturers and request independent research. Such manufacturers would be recognized as supporting research.

If they would do it, that would be great.

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