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If you just want a few discrete levels then you could set up a couple of profiles that have both the min and max intensity set to the same value. This way the on and off times in the profile wouldn't matter. Something like this:

If Time > 8:00 Then LT1 PF1
If Time > 8:30 Then LT1 PF2
If Time > 9:00 Then LT1 ON
If Time > 20:00 Then LT1 PF2
If Time > 21:30 Then LT1 PF1
If Time > 22:00 Then LT1 OFF
Pmp Mode sd for PF1
Pmp Int 030/30 for PF1
Pmp OSC 10/10/00 for PF1
Pmp Mode sd for PF2
Pmp Int 070/70 for PF2
Pmp OSC 10/10/00 for PF2


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