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Hey Dwayne,

I use Carlson type surges on my nano tanks and you and George's Geosapper is quite a cool application of them.

I realize the drip and surge rates will vary on the application, but could you describe the rates of drip and surge on your system and approximately how long that volume of phytoplankton lasts before refilling?

Also when stage 2 surges, is it usual that stage 3 will fire directly after it or does it take a number of surges from stage 2 to make stage 3 surge?

I guess live phytoplankton is the way to go since it's already at room temperature. Instant algae and Tahitian Blend need to be kept refrigerated. As long as the phyto could be kept in good shape I could see enlarging stage 1 for longer running periods, and maybe for Tahitian Blend a small IceProbe chiller could be added as well.

Truly a very cool design and excellent fabrication from your buddy George. Great job!


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