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Originally posted by RogueCorps
I realize the drip and surge rates will vary on the application, but could you describe the rates of drip and surge on your system and approximately how long that volume of phytoplankton lasts before refilling?
I have adjusted it to last for roughly a 24hr period.

Also when stage 2 surges, is it usual that stage 3 will fire directly after it or does it take a number of surges from stage 2 to make stage 3 surge?
The unit I have is set up so Stage 3 goes right after Stage 2. It would be possible to change the set up to require mulitple Stage 2 surges prior to Stage 3 surging. This is done by adjusting the 'length' of the the bend in the surge tube. Making Stage 3 larger than Stage 2 will require more Stage 2 surges prior to Stage 3 surging.



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