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New Reef

Hi Chris,

I read your article and its an eye opener. Smiled to myself several times while reading the article as my usual question to the shop guy is, "is this easy...."!

I have a 63 litre, 2 foot nano tank which has been running for about a a month now. Today i noticed copepods. At least i think thats what they are. Whitish lil bug looking things that are hanging out in groups at the front glass panel.

I know nuts about this science and I was seriously contemplating taking a 3rd degree in marine biology!

The nano which i have now has pink panther zoas (single rock), a Goniopora Green, a Cerianthus filiformis, another tube anemone (white - unable to classify), mushroom polyps - i think its Ricordia and an orange sponge amongst live rock. The fish are as follows:-

1 Maroon Clown
1 Bangai Cardinal
1 sixline wrasse
1 skunk tilefish

Please enlighten me on the following:-

1. Do I have to worry about the release of toxic metabolites? If so which ones should I be careful about?
2. What else can I add? I want a nice assortment of colors.
3. Does a Goniopora produce toxic metabolites?

My lighting is 4 x 24 watt t5s - 2 actinic blue and 2 whites. Running a berlin airlift 90 protein skimmer and an external eheim canister filter with a hailea 100 hc chiller.

My water temperature is around 26 degrees Celcius.

Im in the process of getting a 6x2.5x2feet tank done. I need some advice on this as well.

1. Will T5s be enough bearing in mind that its only going to be 2 feet deep?
2. Im not so much concerned about SPS or LPS etc...what i really want is a colourful tank and some anemones for a group of clowns and sohal tangs etc. Have not really decided on the other fish.
3. Seeking your guidance on what i should stock it with in terms of invertebrates and how much space should i leave between looking at a tank which is not dense with live rock but with nice enclaves here and there..

Looking forward to receiving your reply.

PS attached is a pic of my nano

All the best


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