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I set up my first seahorse tank about 3 years ago. I have since set up 2 more tanks with improvements to facilitate my care for the seahorses. Here some of the things I learned along the way.

1. Like Ray stated, a minimum of 10Xs is best. My first tank had a dismal 4Xs, my 2nd tank had slightly more than 10Xs and my current tank has over 22Xs.

2. My first 2 tanks had sand bottoms but my current tank has a bb that much of my flow is directed at the bottom to keep detritus and left over food from getting trapped and much of it in suspension. I too syphon out little piles that accumulate. A bb has been a huge improvement to aid me in husbandry of the tank.

3. My first tank had a skimmer rated for the same size as the tank. That was woefully inadequate. I upgraded to a skimmer that is more than twice the size of the tank.

4. By far the best improvement I made was to my water change system. I did WCs with a 5 gallon bucket with my first and second tank. With doing at least 25 % a week that was breaking me down physically, (I am almost a 60 year old woman). I moved my sump to the basement, (which meant drilling holes in our livingroom floor ), tapped into the cold water line nearby for ro/di and use pumps and brute cans for filling, draining and mixing salt. It has revolutionized how I do WCs. No lifting, carrying or dumping. The easier you can make your WCs the more you will perform them and the better for your seahorses. I was able to buy a 56 gallon tank and not cringe at doing over 33% WCs a week, (well except for the financial aspect, LOL).

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