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When you say 4x, 10x etc, what exactly are you talking about? I have a similar set up as this person is doing. However, I am taking existing water from my reef tank and moving into the new tank. It is a 40 gallon cubeish tank with a 20 gallon sump. The tank is drilled from the bottom with 1, 1 inch drian and a 1/2 inch return. I am putting a Jebao RW 8 (or 4 cant remember at the moment). Would I need the tank to necessary cycle since I am moving current water from my reef tank to the new tank? I will be adding new sand but I will be moving over some extra rock in the sump as well as a block of the marine pure. Some of the rock will be new white rock. (I plan to toss this in the sump to let it seed for a bit though).

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