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Originally Posted by lesd View Post

Great article last month - I've been running a Calcium Reactor for a few years and still learned a ton from that article.

Since reading it I ordered one of the needle valves from US Plastics, which was a VERY worthwhile purchase. Made my problems regulating the effluent rate a thing of the past.

I also ordered and just received one of the Gilmont flow meters you recommended. Looking at it, there is no obvious way to get it connected to John Guest fittings. Do you have any recommendations for easy adapters to get this thing plumbed in-line with standard 1/4" tubing?

Les Douglas

I use two connectors at each end with a short pice of hose:

+ Use a short pice of flexible hose (1/2" ID) to connect the end of the glass meter, take the meter with you when looking for the hose as some fit tighter than others. You may need to extend the hose to insert partially beyond the white teflon ends of the meter and into the glass.
Insert the other end of the hose to...

+ Stem x Barb coupling. part No. 51055K231 3/8" stem x 1/2" barb.

The smooth stem side inserts into the 3/8" side of a quick connect Reducing Coupling. part No. 51055K97 3/8" x 1/4".

The 1/4" dia side connects to standard 1/4" tubing.

Did I write what I wrote? What the heck am I talking about! Well..... Nevermind.

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