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This is a list of many of the captive-bred fish and mobile invertebrates that are currently available. For various reasons, this may not be the complete list, so if you have anything to add to the list, please PM me. Please also note that this is a list of the captive-bred fish that are available, and that there are a number of tank-raised fish that are available, but are not listed here. There are sometimes captive-propagated anemones available other than the three that I listed, but it is very rare to find any other species captive-propagated, and even the ones that I listed can be hard to find.


False Percula Clownfish - Amphiprion ocellaris
Clark's Clownfish - Amphiprion clarkii
Tomato Clownfish - Amphiprion frenatus
Gold-Stripe Maroon Clownfish - Premnas biaculeatus
Cinnamon Clownfish - Amphiprion melanopus
Fire Clownfish - Amphiprion ephippium
Australian Clownfish - Amphiprion rubrocinctus
Orange Skunk Clownfish - Amphiprion sandaracinos
Pink Skunk Clownfish - Amphiprion periderion
Saddleback Clownfish - Amphiprion polymnus
True Percula Clownfish- Amphiprion percula
Sebae Anemonefish- Amphiprion sebae
Twoband Anemonefish- Amphiprion bicinctus
White-tipped Anemonefish- hybrid: Amphiprion sebae x Amphiprion polymnus


Orchid Dottyback - Pseudochromis fridmani
Striped Dottyback - Pseudochromis sankeyi
Sunrise Dottyback - Pseudochromis flavivertex
Splendid Dottyback - Pseudochromis splendens
Neon Dottyback - Pseudochromis aldabraensis
Diadem Dottyback- Pseudochromis diadema
Lyretail Dottyback- Pseudochromis steenei
Golden Dottyback- Pseudochromis fuscus
Blue-Striped Dottyback- Pseudochromis springeri
Redhead Dottyback- Pseudochromis dilectus


Neon Goby - Gobiosoma oceanops
Hybrid Cleaner Goby - Gobiosoma oceanops x Gobiosoma randalli
Yellowline Goby - Gobiosoma randalli
Goldline Goby - Gobiosoma louisae
Pink-Speckled Shrimpgoby- Cryptocentrus leptocephalus
Yellow Watchman Goby- Cryptocentrus cinctus
Luther’s Watchman Goby- Cryptocentrus lutheri
Red-Headed Goby- Elacatinus puncticulatus
Sharknose Goby- Gobiosoma evelynae


Striped Poison-Fang Blenny- Meiacanthus grammistes
Green Canary Blenny- Meiacanthus tongaensis
Disco Blenny- Meiacanthus smithi
Canary Blenny- Meiacanthus oualanensis
Mozambique Fangblenny- Meiacanthus mossambicus
Bundoon Blenny- Meiacanthus bundoon
Forktail Blenny- Meiacanthus atrodorsalis
Blackline fangblenny- Meiacanthus nigrolineatus


Royal Gramma- Gramma loreto
Blackcap Basslet- Gramma melacara

Banggai Cardinalfish- Pterapogon kauderni
Pajama Cardinalfish- Sphaeramia nematoptera


Half Moon Angelfish- Pomacanthus maculosus

Comets and Assessors

Yellow Assessor- Assessor flavissimus
Blue Assessor- Assessor macnelli
Marine Betta- Calloplesiops altivelis


Hippocampus sp.

I know that this is somewhat unclear, but, at the time of writing, one of the major seahorse breeders (Ocean Rider) does not list scientific names. To get a list of the available seahorses, go to the websites of the major seahorse breeders.


Pilotfish- Gnathanodon speciosus


Emporer snapper- Lutjanus sebae

Mobile Invertebrates

Bubble-Tipped Anemone- Entacmaea quadricolor
Minature Carpet Anemone- Stichodactyla tapetum
Red Waratah Anemone- Actinia tenebrosa
Queen Conch- Strombus gigas
Fighting Conch- Strombus alatus
Peppermint shrimp- Lysmata wurdemanni (Peppermint shrimp are not yet available, but should be soon. A few months before I wrote this, a wholesaler had some captive-bred peppermint shrimp in grow-out.)
Assorted Snails
Upsidedown Jellyfish- Cassiopea frondosa (The scientific name I give here assumes that the wholesaler uses the same common names as I do. This particular species may or may not be available. If it is not, the most likely alternative would be the Mangrove Upsidedown Jellyfish (Cassiopea xamachana).)

Feel free to post questions, comments, or additions to the list.

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