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I don't recommend it.
Seahorses have specific needs different from the needs of a reef tank.
Water quality is a BIG issue with them in terms of things that no hobbyist test kit is going to be of any help to you as it relates to conditions that enable the nasty bacteria to thrive. The recommendation for one pair of standard sized seahorses is 29/30g and anything less helps make bacteria conditions thrive.
H. capensis can get to 4 to 4.5 inches and that will tax even a 20g tank unless you are extremely diligent with husbandry and water changes.
They are also best kept at 68 to 72F, lower preferred, so can you provide for that need also?
At $165 apiece, I wouldn't want to chance loosing them due to a setup that lacks the capability of best for their chances of survival.
While OR ships them in the 2-3" range, they don't stay that size for long.
Lastly, have you checked to see when they may have them available? I haven't seen them in stock for some time.

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