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Looking for Feedback on my New/Re-Used 70 Gallon Flat-Back Reef Tank

I upgraded to a New/Re-Used 70 Gallon Flat-Back Reef Tank. I reused 50% of the Salt-Water from the tank I bought and Newly Mixed from my Local Store. Reef Rock and 4" Sandbed was all previously Cycled from the 75 and my 29 Gal Tank except for the Two T Shaped Rocks used to create my 2 Caves/Shelves. Equipment is as follows 75 Gallon Flat Back Acrylic Tank with built in sump in rear of tank. 100 Watt Heater, Eshopps Protein Skimmer PSK-100H, AquaMaxx BioMaxx XL BioPellet Reactor. 9 lbs of Biohome Ultimate Marine Media (4 lbs Previously Cycled), eFlux Aquarium DC Flow Pump with Flow Control 1050 GPH running a Split Return with 2 Random Flow Generators.
For Lighting I am running All Current Orbit Marine LED Fixture, 2x18" Marine Aquarium LEDs (Side by Side) and in Front and Back one 36" and 48" Marine IC Aquarium LEDs (Making them the Pro Fixture) Inside for flow I am running two 660 GPH Current eFlux Wave Pumps and one 2,100 GPH Current eFlux Wave Pump. All the Lighting Fixtures,Waves Pumps and Sump Pump are all ran through the Current USA Bluetooth Controller through the Phone App.
As far as Corals go It's pretty bare right now but here it goes...
One Head of Duncan, Two Heads of Green Tip Torch, One Head of Green Tip Hammer, One Medium Size Australian Elegance Coral, Multiple Green Mushrooms, Several Unidentified Mushrooms, One Yellow Finger Gorgonian, One Very Small Hairy 1Leather, One Leather Coral, One Gold Clove Coral and One Very Small Bulb Anemone.
For Livestock I have One Adult Black Fin Damselfish, One Blue Tang, One Green Mandarin, One Royal Gramma Basslet, One Juvinile Engineer Goby, Four Ocellaris Clownfish, One Pistol Shrimp, One Sand Sifting Star Fish, 5 Emerald Crabs, and Various Snails.
I'll take any comments be it Good or Critical All Comments are Welcome. Thanks for your feedback.

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