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Clown Killing RBTA

Well, Iím at a loss for words
I have a 16 gallon with 8 anemones in it and thatís it.
Temp 80, Ammonia 0-.25pp, Nitrates .25-.5ppm, Salinity 1.024-1.025
Tank has a ATO.

So far I have had 4 clowns in it,
One was a complete mess up and my fault on his death

2nd one Iím at a loss, he hosted a nem, next day dead. Was healthy for a solid month, hosted the nem all night and next day was very pale to the color, no signs of disease.

Picked up a platinum clown hosting a GBTA and 3 more
Nems (Total of 8 now) and a single small to medium size looked like a Maine Mocha clown

Platinum clown and nem go in tank and the clown hasnít left the anemone and is looking healthy.

Mocha clown first night tryís and host the same nem that the last one did, and the next day same exact thing.

Pale color, erratic swimming, and dead

Iím at a loss. The tanks water isnít perfect, but for 2 clowns itís definitely up to par

The Nems are doing great, no stress. 4 came from one mom, 3 from one mom, and 1. The 4 that came from one seem to just kill any clown that touches them.

I donít know what else to do, Iím at a loss for words and donít understand.

Any advice, anyone gone through this before?

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