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I have a baby abalone that is a product of breeding. But it's not for sale.

Here's a list that should not be kept in captivity -

Here's a list that are captive bred, similar to the original message list, but designates which have been CB and which are CB and commercially produced.

Lastly, my favorite... the magnificent Centryopyge Interruptus, available for order. I've checked; they are available and cost the same as their wild caught counterparts, except they are more ethically responsible, healthier, free from disease, and raised on flake food.

A pretty penny, but a pretty much incredible fish. RCT has them here -

I believe Waikiki aquarium (or some breeders / researchers) have raised flame angels and another centropyge species to adulthood.

The tough part is raising fry, of course. But it's being done, and advances in technology are rapid and new species successes are happening.

Can people list links to retail / mail order sources? I really appreciate that and this thread generally.

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