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I have a baby abalone that is a product of breeding. But it's not for sale.
I forgot about those. Some abalones are available CB.

Here's a list that are captive bred, similar to the original message list, but designates which have been CB and which are CB and commercially produced.
I never knew that another fairly up-to-date list existed. I would be interested in seeing the list, but I don't see a link.

A pretty penny, but a pretty much incredible fish. RCT has them here -
That is an awesome fish! I never knew that they were available CB.

I believe Waikiki aquarium (or some breeders / researchers) have raised flame angels and another centropyge species to adulthood.
I know that flame angels were available to hobbyists a few months ago. Are any of these species available to hobbyists now?

Can people list links to retail / mail order sources?
There is a chance that he has changed his mind, but John(L) once requested that we not list vendors on this thread.

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