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The Waikiki Aquarium was the first and I believe only place to rear Genicanthus personatus. They had one individual to reach a nice size, but it unfortunately jumped out of the tank. They are no longer attempting to rear them (per Charles Delbeek.) Frank Baensch of www.rcthawaii was the one with the flame angels to sell. He has also reared the lemon peel (C. flavissimus) and Centropyge multicolor. I believe there was one other Centropyge secies he reared documented in SeaScope. His impressive list is obviously growing. The Oceanagraphic Institute was the first to rear the flame angel Centropyge loriculus I believe. Waikiki,OI, and Baensch all had initial success at around the same time.

Many of the fish listed as aquacultured are not often, if ever available and certainly not in commerical quantities. Some on the list were tried and found not to have commerical potential even if it was possible to rear them. ( by C-Quest) Marine bettas are one I believe. Clown fish, psuedos, and gobies are the most commonly offered. Little is being done to rear bangaii cardinals in commercial quantities.

The AquariumPros list is good and helpful, but certainly not gospel. I have three Chaetodon falcula that are hardy and easy to keep. They accept all manner of food. I also have a Cirrhilabrus labouti that has not been a challenge to get eating to or to keep. The biggest problem with the flasher/fairy wrasses is that they are incredible jumpers. You defintely need a good top with this Genus. Picking suitable tankmates is also helpful and they can be aggressive to their own kind. I would suggest that C. falcual should get a C rating and C. labouti probably a B. I also find it intersting that the Latezonatus clownfish would receive a C. I have never seen one of these in real life and feel it should be rated an H, even though it is probably not a problem with people buying this fish, since it is never offered for sale.

Look for a nice variety of post-larval fish to entering the trade in increasing numbers. While not captive bred they are defintely a better choice for harvesting than the adult breeders.


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