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Great reference list, and extremely helpful.
Just to keep in mind thou that most if not all of the commerical breeding facilities won't sell to individual hobbyists, they usually have a mimimum dollar amount, so if people want to aquire some of these captive species they'll have to go thru their LFS and pool orders.
Next while many ornamentals on that list have been bred in captivity, they turned out to be less favorable finanically and are not being bred in any real numbers. Case in point, even thou banggais bred easily and readily in the home aquarium, they turn out to be pretty expensive to raise to sellable size, as they have very low fecunditiy and require far more space/brood than their fishy counterparts, hence getting CB/CR banggais is difficult. Its getting better but not what you'd think it would be
I've read a recent report that mentioned that less than 2% of the ornamentals in the hobby are captive bred or farmed.
Great work and lets hope for a better future for these fish

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