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Originally Posted by Frostslasher View Post
I really like the dimensions and have been thinking about having a tank built of similar size in the near future. I was thinking of going 38"(L) x 24"(W) x 14"(H), but looking forward to seeing how everything looks.
Thanks. You may wish to have a look at the "Shallow reef tank club" thread. You will get a good idea about what your tank will look like. I posted some pictures of my tank in that thread, but will certainly put many more in this thread.

If I wanted a shallow tank similar to your proposed dimensions, I would probably go for a wider tank than 24" in order to spread corals to a wider area.

Originally Posted by Frostslasher View Post
Interesting drain system as well, never seen that before.
The drain system is good, but it has its disadvantages. For example, you need to choose a fairly powerful pump to keep up with the amount of water draining down the drain to maintain stable water level in the display tank. Additional water drains through the interface between the knob and the pipe. In addition, the knob has a tendency to stick to the main pipe after a while due to calcification and needs cleaning periodically.

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