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The growth of my Montipora setosa

Montipora setosa is my most favourite coral. I purchased it from a fellow reefer in April 2012 and placed it on the sand bed.

The coral seemed happy and received around 150 mmol PAR. The photo below taken on 1st June 2012 does not show much growth, if at all:

Having noticed the slow growth rate, I moved the coral from sand bed to LR later that month. Within a month, the growth rate was very noticeable (1st July 2012):

After realising that this coral requires brighter illumination than I previously thought, I placed it on a branching rock and allowed it to spread on the rock structure. The coral has been growing at a steady pace ever since. (16th January 2013).

6th April 2013

21st May 2013

13th April 2014

This coral has grown from a tiny frag (0.75") to 4" colony in two years I am more than happy with it. FWIW, this coral receives around 250 mmol PAR and has been kept directly under ATI blue + & KZ Fiji Purple/ATI purple +/ATI Coral + combination plus TMC reef blue LEDs.

I am curious to know if this coral can tolerate higher PAR levels (e.g. 300+ mmol). Watch this space ...

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